Hi, I’m Victor Carreño


My Name is Victor Carreño, better know by my last name "Carreño" or just "Vic". I'm a Mexican Engineer 🇲🇽 who studied Digital Systems and Robotics (Computer Hardware Engineer with a minor in Robotics ) at Monterrey Institute of Technology the best college in México.

I was born in Monclova, (the steel capital in Latin America), and when I was 18 I moved to Monterrey (the city of the mountains) to go to the college, as you can know I come from the north side of México, where the people eats carne asada and works a lot. And if you're wondering, yes I can make an awesome carne asada with the best salsa, it's in my DNA.

My college experience was one of the best experience in my life, I learned a lot about electronics, software, embedded systems and robotics, here is a video of me working with a drone as my final project.In the summer of 2012 I did my internship in a Software Development Studio called Mesquite Studio . In this summer I learned how to build an iOS app from scratch and publish it to the App Store 🚀. It was a great experience for me because it was the first time I had built something that a lot of people were using. Then I started to learn more about iOS development and in January 2013 I released my first App, iComponent (Currently with more than 35k downloads). After that, I was more and more interested in the intersection of the iOS development and Electronics, I mean electronic devices interacting with an iOS App.

In my last year of the college I started working in a startup called Driblet, and after I graduated from college I moved to Boston to work full time in this awesome startup. I have been living more than a year here in Boston and I've working in this company for about 2 years, It has been an awesome experience, I've learned a lot. I really love(❤️) my job and what I do.

I define myself in an intersection of an engineer, maker and hacker, I really love to build things and learn new stuff. Aside my full time job, I work in my own projects in my freetime. Right now I'm very focused in iShield. I've weird hobbies, I love to run (beginner), beers, tacos, code and long walks.

Email me and say "Quiubo", probably we can drink a beer, eat some tacos or maybe you can meet your new mexican best friend. Also I could help you with your spanish classes. A huevo!